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5 Ways to Improve the Patching Process
 |  8/20/2019  | 
So many software vulnerabilities, so little time. But failure to patch them can have serious consequences. Here's help for overwhelmed security teams.
Modern Technology, Modern Mistakes
Feature  |  8/19/2019  | 
As employees grow more comfortable using new technologies, they could inadvertently be putting their enterprises at risk. And that leaves security teams having to defend an ever-expanding attack surface.
Compliance Training? What Compliance Training?
Feature  |  8/19/2019  | 
Employees can run ... but they can't hide. Or can they?
5 Things to Know About Cyber Insurance
Feature  |  8/15/2019  | 
More businesses are recognizing the need for cyber insurance as part of an overall security strategy. Here are some key points to consider when evaluating, purchasing, and relying on a policy.
You Gotta Reach Em to Teach Em
Feature  |  8/14/2019  | 
As threats continue to evolve and cybercriminals become more sophisticated, organizations that lack a mature security awareness and training program place themselves at serious risk.
Moving on Up: Ready for Your Apps to Live in the Cloud?
Feature  |  8/13/2019  | 
Among the complications: traditional security tools work poorly or not at all in the cloud, and if a company screws up, the whole Internet will know.
Modern-Day SOCs: People, Process & Technology
Feature  |  8/12/2019  | 
As businesses look to the future and invest in next-generation tools, here are some considerations for more effective planning.
Slow Your Roll Before Disclosing a Security Incident
Feature  |  8/8/2019  | 
Transparency rules, but taking the right amount of time to figure out what happened will go a long way toward setting the record straight.
Securing DevOps Is About People and Culture
Feature  |  8/6/2019  | 
Preconceived notions and divisions make building security into the software development life cycle an uphill battle for many organizations.
Hollywood-Style Hacker Fight
Feature  |  8/6/2019  | 
Watch movies much? Here's what happens when two hackers try to outhack each other.
How to Keep Your Web Servers Secure
Feature  |  8/5/2019  | 
The good news is that Web servers have come a long way in terms of security. But to err is human, even for IT and security people.
Why Every Organization Needs an Incident Response Plan
Feature  |  8/2/2019  | 
OK, perhaps that's obvious. The question is, how come so many organizations still wait for something to happen to trigger their planning?
A Realistic Path Forward for Security Orchestration and Automation
Feature  |  8/1/2019  | 
Security teams often look to technology to solve their security challenges. Yet sometimes investing in new products can create more issues.
Keep Your Eye on Digital Certificates
Feature  |  7/31/2019  | 
X.509 certificates help secure the identity, privacy, and communication between two endpoints, but these digital certificates also have built-in expirations and must be managed.
Farewell, Dear Password? The Future of Identity and Authorization
Feature  |  7/30/2019  | 
Many organizations are questioning whether eliminating passwords as an authentication tool would augment their overall security posture.
A Security-First Approach to DevOps
Feature  |  7/29/2019  | 
Aware of the risks inherent in software, businesses are recognizing the need for application security.
What Every Security Team Should Know About Internet Threats
Feature  |  7/26/2019  | 
Of particular interest for cybercriminals is the Domain Name System, which plays a central role in orchestrating all Internet and application traffic.
How to Create Smarter Risk Assessments
Feature  |  7/25/2019  | 
Executives and directors need quantitative measurements such as likelihood of loss and hard-dollar financial impact to make more informed decisions about security risks.
Travel Security [from J4vv4D]
Feature  |  7/24/2019  | 
Do you travel to dangerous places, like Information Security Conferences?
VPNs' Future: Less Reliant on Users, More Transparent, And Smarter
Feature  |  7/24/2019  | 
Virtual private networking is poised to become more automated and intelligent, especially as endpoints associated with cloud services and the IoT need protection.
DHS's Bob Kolasky Goes All in on Risk Management
Feature  |  7/23/2019  | 
As director of the DHS's National Risk Management Center, measuring and managing risk for critical infrastructure across 16 industrial sectors, Kolasky stands at a busy crossroads.
Planning a Bug Bounty Program? Follow Shopify's Example
Feature  |  7/22/2019  | 
Four years, $1 million in payouts, and the identification of 950 bugs later, Shopify provides an excellent example for organizations looking to launch their own programs.
Security Considerations in a BYOD Culture
Feature  |  7/19/2019  | 
The 'bring your own device' movement has put security pros on high alert for a new breed of predator who is on the hunt to find ways to exploit the ever-expanding attack surface.
The Truth About Vulnerabilities in Open Source Code
Feature  |  7/18/2019  | 
Turns out the problem isn't with the code itself, experts say.
The 10 Essentials of Infosec Forensics
Feature  |  7/17/2019  | 
Whether it's your first investigation or 500th, review the basics of IT forensics to streamline and simplify your discovery.
GDPR: The Good, the Bad, and the Uncertain
Feature  |  7/16/2019  | 
One year post-GDPR implementation it's time to ask the tough question of whether companies are celebrating or cursing these consumer privacy mandates.
Frank Taylor: Better Processes Lead to Tighter Security
Feature  |  7/15/2019  | 
If the now-retired Air Force Brigadier General and first-ever GE CSO ever got the memo about career specialization and 'nichey' expertise, he apparently forgot to read it.
Back to Basics with Log Management, SIEMs & MSSPs
Feature  |  7/12/2019  | 
Not fully clear about why your organization collects any (or all) log data? Experts offer their tips on making better use of log data and alerts to improve your security profile.
Theres a Security Incident in the Cloud: Whos Responsible?
Feature  |  7/11/2019  | 
It's a valid question, and one many enterprises remain unsure of amid a mass migration that has transformed business over the past few years.
To Pay or Not To Pay? That Is the (Ransomware) Question
Feature  |  7/9/2019  | 
Businesses around the globe continue to fall victim to ransomware. For some, choosing to pay the ransom is actually a cost savings.
Burned Out?
Feature  |  7/1/2019  | 
About The Edge
Feature  |  7/1/2019  | 
Like a Sunday magazine in a daily newspaper, The Edge offers a variety of value-add content.
If Movie Hackers Were More Like Real IT Guys
Feature  |  7/1/2019  | 
No one uses their keyboard that much.
Contest: Name That Toon
Feature  |  7/1/2019  | 
Too Many Tools? Tidy Up in 'KonMari' Style
Feature  |  7/1/2019  | 
You've no doubt heard about Marie Kondo's method of decluttering the home. Turns out, it can help security pros tackle all of those security tools piling up around the organization.
Dark Reading Launches The Edge to Expand Security Coverage
Feature  |  7/1/2019  | 
New 'Sunday magazine' section offers deeper insights on cyber defense, educational materials, and human interest stories.
Staying Ahead of the Bot Landscape
Feature  |  7/1/2019  | 
Thinking of the bot landscape as homogeneous paints an overly simplistic picture.
What Cyber Skills Shortage?
Feature  |  6/4/2019  | 
Employers can solve the skills gap by first recognizing that there isn't an archetypal "cybersecurity job" in the same way that there isn't an archetypal "automotive job." Heres how.
Threat Hunting 101: Not Mission Impossible for the Resource-Challenged
Feature  |  3/27/2019  | 
How small and medium-sized businesses can leverage native features of the operating system and freely available, high-quality hunting resources to overcome financial limitations.
Security 101: How Businesses and Schools Bridge the Talent Gap
Feature  |  12/20/2018  | 
Security experts share the skills companies are looking for, the skills students are learning, and how to best find talent you need.
2019 Attacker Playbook
Feature  |  12/14/2018  | 
Security pundits predict the ways that cybercriminals, nation-state actors, and other attackers will refine their tactics, techniques, and procedures in the coming year.
Deception: Honey vs. Real Environments
Feature  |  12/12/2018  | 
A primer on choosing deception technology that will provide maximum efficacy without over-committing money, time and resources.
5 Steps to Success for New CISOs
Feature  |  9/19/2018  | 
You've been hired to make an impact. These tips can help set you up for continued success.
DevOps Demystified: A Primer for Security Practitioners
Feature  |  9/10/2018  | 
Key starting points for those still struggling to understand the concept.


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Contest: Name That Toon