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Understanding Ransomware
Date: Oct 04, 2017

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The IT security industry has spent the last year wrestling with the growing threat of ransomware, in which a cyberattacker encrypts a victim enterprise’s data and then demands payment to decrypt it. But exactly how does ransomware infect your systems in the first place? Is all ransomware the same? How does it encrypt your data, and why is that encryption so hard to crack? Most importantly, what can you do to stop it – or at least prevent it from affecting your most sensitive information?

In this eye-opening webinar, top experts offer insight on how ransomware is created, how it is distributed, how it works, and how to limit its impact on your organization.

Identifying exposures and vulnerabilities in UC/RTC Environments
Date: Sep 28, 2017

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Businesses continue to evolve and rely more heavily on Unified Communications (UC) and Real Time Communications (RTC) based applications to run their normal day to day operations. However, the underlying networks, protocols and technologies that deliver UC and RTC have remained unchanged.   And because we live in an IP world--with VoIP and SIP common to all types of networks, reliance on traditional internet and data networking tools for real-time communications exposes UC networks to the same types of cyberattacks that affect all data networks. More importantly, it exposes the network to the inherent vulnerabilities of SIP communications that the traditional tool sets don’t address.  

This webinar will examine the security implications of using VoIP and SIP, how to best protect real-time communications traffic with tools you already have as well as with new tools, and how to orchestrate protections to prevent UC security from becoming just another isolated security silo.

Advancing UEBA: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Continuous Machine Learning, and Cloud Infrastructure
Date: Sep 20, 2017

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Organizations are increasingly faced by internal threats. Insider threats, compromised accounts, administrator abuse and other user-based threats are some of the most damaging threats and the hardest to detect. This has led to the development of user and entity-based analytics (UEBA) solutions, designed to address user based threats. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning these solutions are making it possible to detect advanced threats that weren’t previously visible

In this webinar, Samir Jain, Senior Product Manager, UEBA and Mark Settle, LogRhythm Product Marketing Manager will discuss the evolving UEBA market and advancements in the technology fueling these solutions.

Finding and Fixing Application Security Vulnerabilities
Date: Sep 14, 2017

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Customer databases, enterprise applications, Big Data – the keys to your enterprise’s kingdom lie in its applications. But application security is often overlooked, both by software manufacturers and by internal app development teams. What steps can your organization take to find and repair application vulnerabilities – before your attackers discover them?

Top applications security expert Matt Tesauro, Senior Technical Project Coordinator for the OWASP Foundation, discusses key practices for scanning and securing applications and offers some insight on how to improve security in your software development organization.

IP Intelligence: The Utility Player for Your Online Business
Date: Aug 31, 2017

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In today’s connected world, it’s no longer enough to simply provide a fast, easy-to-use website. Customers expect an experience that is smooth, safe and personalized. The most successful brands – regardless of industry or target market – can identify who customers are and ensure they’re protected when they visit.

But customer demands aren’t the only thing constantly evolving. The threat landscape, along with the rules and regulations aimed at keeping the internet safe, are changing just as quickly in a boundary-less online world.  Fraud is rampant, while cyber attacks are more targeted and imposing. How does a CISO or CIO adapt?

That’s where IP Intelligence (IPI) comes in. IPI provides granular IP decisioning and Internet connectivity data, answering who, what, where, when and why consumers are connecting to their sites. IPI helps organizations sort out the good actors from the bad, improving the customer experience while keeping vital security systems safe and efficient.  

Join us as we explore the many benefits of IP Intelligence, and how you can use IPI to improve your customer experience, reduce fraud, improve security, protect digital content, and more. It’s the utility player for your online business.

Efficient Triage and Response Using Intelligence-Driven Orchestration
Date: Aug 31, 2017

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Finding ways to increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency when responding to threats should be the goal of any security team. Baking threat intelligence into the day-to-day efforts of detecting and responding to threats is a great way to see some of these benefits. Going further and leveraging the power of a playbook-driven orchestration platform can dramatically improve efficiency and consistency.

In this webinar, these concepts will be explored with practical guidance on how to use threat intelligence to feed orchestration which in-turn can drive automated triage or defensive actions. The result is a well-oiled machine where analysts can be situationally aware and quickly drive appropriate response to threats.

How to Talk to Your Management about IT Security
Date: Aug 30, 2017

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If you’re a security professional, you understand the cyber threat to your organization and the need for an effective defense. The one big problem: your top management doesn’t. In this useful and insightful webinar, top experts offer recommendations on how to measure the cyber threat posed to your enterprise, the posture of your online defenses, and the needs and achievements of your IT security department. This webinar will bring you some new methods for describing and measuring your cybersecurity initiatives so that they can be understood by even the most business-oriented executives.

Using Cyber Threat Intelligence Wisely
Date: Aug 23, 2017

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A wide range of threat intelligence feeds and services have cropped up to keep IT organizations up to date on the latest security threats. But without mechanisms in place to actually use the information, these alerts provide little benefit.

Prioritizing Threats to Your Enterprise Data Security
Date: Aug 10, 2017

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Today’s enterprises face a wide variety of cyber threats that range from financially-motivated cybercriminals to state-sponsored hackers seeking business intelligence. There are many data sources that can provide information about these threats – but how can you determine which threats pose the greatest danger to your enterprise? How can you analyze threat data and use it to help improve your organization’s cyber defense?

The Real Impact of a Data Security Breach
Date: Aug 02, 2017

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A major breach of your enterprise's critical data could potentially threaten the life of your business. In addition to the potential loss of customer data or intellectual property, a breached company faces public scrutiny, IT security overhauls, potential lawsuits, brand damage, and loss of customers.

Out of the Black Box: Making Security a Business Enabler
Date: Jul 20, 2017

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To maximize the return on cloud security investments, CISOs need a seat at the table. Unfortunately, getting them there isn’t always simple, especially when security is often handled in a clandestine way that doesn’t always clearly demonstrate its value.  

However, security doesn’t have to be dark and mysterious to work effectively. It needs to be flexible, reliable and, most importantly, transparent. This how you state the case for not just the relevancy of security to the organization, but how it can be a business enabler.

Stop the Stopgaps: How to Look for New Security Technologies
Date: Jul 19, 2017

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Businesses have been trusting security vendors to protect their endpoints for years, but those vendors can’t keep up with the speed of the evolving threat landscape. They are failing in their promise to protect their customers, and these failures have opened the door for Next-Generation Anti-Virus solutions. Desperate for relief, businesses are adding, or even replacing, their traditional AV with these NGAV solutions. And while the NGAV vendors have promised unbelievable levels of effectiveness, endpoints continue to get infected.

Given today’s threat landscape, combined with so many security options available today, it can be daunting when selecting new or alternative technologies to protect your business. Your security team has unique challenges; therefore, you should be asking your next security vendor how they will meet your requirements—both for today, and the future.

How Cyber Attackers Research Your Organization, And What To Do About It
Date: Jul 13, 2017

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For most online criminals, the first step in a major attack is to do research on the target organization. This “reconnaissance” may involve sending fake emails to employees, stalking executives on social media, making fraudulent phone calls, or other social engineering techniques that might yield credentials or help lay the groundwork for a more sophisticated attack. How do you know when your organization is the target of this type of reconnaissance – and what can you do to disrupt it?

In this eye-opening webinar, you’ll learn how attackers can take advantage of your website, employees’ social media, and other vehicles to learn about your organization – and get the ammunition they need to convince your end users to trust them.

How to Secure Your Endpoints from Ransomware and Other Trending Attacks
Date: Jun 28, 2017

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Attackers have shifted their tactics. They’ve discovered new ways to re-engineer tactics to make them easier to execute, more evasive, and more likely to deceive targeted users. Combined with targeting platforms that organizations falsely consider more secure, these sophisticated attacks, including ransomware, are proving very damaging to unprepared organizations.

Understanding Cyber Attackers and Cyber Threats
Date: Jun 21, 2017

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Russian hackers. Organized cyber criminals. State-sponsored espionage from China. Todays enterprises are threatened by a broad range of online attackers using an even broader range of electronic exploits. And todays security professionals are faced with two key questions: Who are these cyber attackers and which threats are the most likely to affect their own organization?

At this Virtual Event, Understanding Cyber Attackers and Cyber Threats, Dark Reading presents a unique, all-day virtual event designed to answer these questions and many more.

Why Should You Attend?
By attending the online keynote presentations and panels, presented by some of the industrys top experts on cybercrime and online threats, you will get a deeper insight into the bad guys of cyberspace - who they are, how they work, what they do and how your enterprise can stop them.

What You Will Learn:

  • Current attacker profiles, including their motivations and the ways they identify and target businesses
  • How the most valuable enterprise data is extracted even from well-defended enterprises
  • Ways you can use the knowledge from todays criminals to help defend your critical information
  • How insider data leaks occur and what you can do to prevent them
  • Threat intelligence data collection and analysis best practices to find threats most likely to hit your enterprise
  • How threat intelligence + security data analysis + incident response plans = increased data security
Full Security Visibility: An Introduction to SysSecOps
Date: Jun 06, 2017

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The range and scale of IT and security challenges are mounting daily. The rapid increase in the number of endpoints, worker mobility, and cloud applications make managing reliability, risk and security more difficult than ever. The key to success for both IT and security operations is visibility and automation across IT resources, to aggregate knowledge about endpoints and suspicious activity.

Systems and security operations – SysSecOps - is a growing approach that integrates endpoint monitoring and discovery techniques to give IT and security managers a more holistic view of their resources and how they are used. This webinar will present the findings of a new research report and survey from Futuriom, a next-generation technology research firm, which spent months delving into the emerging trend of SysSecOps and defining the requirements.

New Methods for Managing the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage
Date: Jun 06, 2017

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Industry estimates project that there will be a shortfall of as many as one million cybersecurity professionals in the next few years.

The industry is making efforts to get young students excited about infosec careers, but how does that help your short-staffed team now?

How can enterprises manage the growing number of attacks and threats they are facing without enough skilled professionals on staff?

Reduce Security Vulnerabilities in Enterprise Applications
Date: Jun 01, 2017

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Would you leave sensitive data out in the open making yourself a target to thieves looking for a victim? That is exactly what your business is doing if it fails to identify vulnerabilities in their business applications.

Cyber attackers are looking at your business applications for security vulnerabilities so they can get access and wreak havoc. It’s time to find and fix security vulnerabilities before the hackers do.

Wondering where to start and what to do? This webinar will help you build a comprehensive plan to minimize threats and protect your company.

Cyber-Attacks: Why Midsize Companies Believe Theyre Safe But Arent
Date: May 25, 2017

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Midsized companies are becoming an increasing hot spot for cyber-attacks. They face the same APTs and attacks as large enterprises, but have weaker defenses due to lack of resources and/or budgets. Weak defenses create not only the opportunity for attackers to extort resources from the business itself, but also the ability to use them as gateways to hack their enterprise partners.

For midsized companies, building enterprise-grade security operations center (SOC) takes a lot of effort and it usually fails. Buying a SOC service is a faster, better, cheaper option that gives companies a head start instantly.

In this webinar we will examine the pros and cons of buy vs build decisions and who should do what.

IT Leader's Guide to the Cybersecurity Threat & Vulnerability Landscape
Date: May 11, 2017

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Thanks to a never-ending stream of major and well-publicized data breaches, security has become one of the most critical issues in IT.
As a security professional, it is important to separate the signal from the noise and understand the threats and vulnerabilities that your organization will likely face. Doing this will allow you to focus your precious time, resources and budget where it counts!

How Online Attackers Target Your Business And How to Stop Them
Date: May 03, 2017

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One of the best ways to develop an effective cyber defense is to think like your attacker and then develop a commensurate response. A professional penetration tester will explain the ways your IT environment actually comes under attack and offer step-by-step recommendations on how you can prevent those attacks.

Threat Intelligence: Fight Threats, Not Logs Slay the Volumes
Date: Apr 25, 2017

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More is not always better.  When it comes to data and threat intelligence, better prevention is offered via the right approach. 

Don’t waste your resources by drowning them in a sea of data that might not be resulting in useful actions, instead adopt an outcome-driven threat intelligence program.  Outcome-driven threat intelligence equips your company with the ability to focus on prevention and operationalizing action – focusing your resources where they are needed, when they are needed.

How Online Attackers Find Out About Your Organization
Date: Apr 19, 2017

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Whether they are large or small, most targeted cyberattacks begin with some simple research on your organization. This process of collecting “open source intelligence” (OSINT) may include discovering employee information on e-mail or social networks, investigating your enterprise via sophisticated search techniques or the Dark Web, or basic social engineering methods that fool trusted users into giving up credentials or other information. In this fascinating webinar, top experts discuss the methods that online attackers use to perform “reconnaissance” on your organization – and they offer advice on how you can make it more difficult for attackers to collect the information they need to launch an exploit.

Cloud Security: Myths & Reality
Date: Apr 11, 2017

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Enterprises are expanding their use of cloud services and cloud applications every day – but what are the security implications? Are cloud environments less secure than traditional enterprise networks? What can enterprises do to protect critical data in these cloud environments? In this webcast, top experts examine the security myths surrounding cloud services and discuss actual current threats and strategies for defending against them, so that CISOs can empower their organizations and extend business into the cloud with confidence.

Tips for Evaluating Next Gen Endpoint Security Solutions
Date: Apr 04, 2017

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Next generation endpoint security (NGES) is one of the hottest topics in today’s cybersecurity market, and for good reason. Traditional preventative measures alone offer insufficient endpoint protection – causing an influx of vendors offering NGES. While the market is relatively new, it is often extremely difficult to cut through the marketing noise to figure out what some NGES companies actually do.

Preparing for The Ransomware Onslaught -- Part 3: Ransomware Remediation & Recovery
Date: Mar 28, 2017

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You’ve been hit by ransomware – and hit hard. Your organization has decided it won’t give in to the attackers’ demands for a ransom. Now what?

Your business continuity planning may not have prepared you for a ransomware outbreak. How good are your backups? How accessible are your remote workers? Can you reimage machines or restore files? Can you restore your organization’s lost revenue or damaged reputation?

The challenges are many, but with the right preparations, information security professionals can lead recovery efforts with confidence and remediate ransomware attacks effectively.

Enriching Threat Intelligence Data
Date: Mar 23, 2017

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Security teams now have a wide variety of threat intelligence sources feeding them magical indicators of compromise. Yet, an IP address or domain name on its own only provides so much intelligence. Understanding the context around these indicators of compromise dramatically increases their value to analysts. Enriching indicator feeds with data from other sources can help analysts better identify patterns and other details that might otherwise be lost during an investigation or analysis.

In this webinar, you will learn

  • Other sources to help you enrich data provided in indicators-of-compromise feeds
  • Tactics for integrating that information into your analysis
  • Tips for incorporating that information efficiently without being overwhelmed by a mountain of data
Understanding the Risks & Costs of Security Breaches to Your Company
Date: Mar 21, 2017

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The perils of security breaches are widely publicized, but do you know exactly how an attack or breach would affect your business, or what your most important assets are?

Becoming a Threat Hunter in Your Enterprise
Date: Mar 16, 2017

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You’re tired of waiting. Tired of waiting for your technology to alert you that there’s already a problem. You want to be more proactive, sink your hands into those threat intelligence feeds, dig into those behavioral analytics reports, follow one clue after another after another, until it leads you to a would-be attacker, before they finish carrying out their grand plan. What you want is to be a threat hunter.

And why not? Organizations who use threat hunting find it reduces their attack surface and enhances their incident response speed and accuracy. Yet few have formal programs in place with clear methodologies and repeatable processes. Attend this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • How threat hunting works
  • What a formal threat hunting program looks like
  • What skills any threat hunter should have
  • The threat hunter’s essential tricks and techniques of the trade
Building a Cybersecurity Architecture to Combat Today's Risks
Date: Mar 15, 2017

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"Layered defense" has traditionally been the modus operandi of IT security, but this approach can't be counted on to stand up to today's threats and attacks. In addition, attack surfaces are growing every day as companies adopt technologies like cloud and the Internet of Things. So how can you combat today’s risks?

Cyber Attacks: Don't let your Office 365 end users be your security weak link
Date: Mar 14, 2017

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As corporate emails and files move to Office 365 and G Suite to drive efficiencies, the reality is that users are still the weakest security link.  That’s because hackers are attacking the weakest link in your cybersecurity—your end users.

5 Most Effective Breach Methods - A Virtual Hacker Perspective
Date: Mar 07, 2017

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The SafeBreach platform continuously simulates hacker behavior, allowing organizations to see the impact from a breach – before it occurs. Which were the most effective techniques we used? How do they work? Which security controls were effective against these methods? How can you stop them? Join us for this webinar to explore our analysis from actual deployments and the Hacker’s Playbook to better secure your organization.

Attend this webinar and you will learn:

  • The top 5 most effective breach methods from a virtual hacker’s perspective
  • Mitigation techniques to address these breach methods
  • Tips for implementing the right security controls to address these methods
Breaking The Vulnerability Cycle Key Findings from 100 CISOs
Date: Mar 02, 2017

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We surveyed 100 CISOs and security decision makers and found that today’s application security teams are facing 3 distinct issues that lead to vulnerability:

  1. Active and efficient adversaries
  2. A ballooning attack surface
  3. Cybersecurity resource shortage

When combined, these adverse conditions form a ‘vulnerability cycle’ – leaving organizations susceptible to a breach or worse.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Get plans to combat these 3 issues in 2017
  • Learn how to dissect each component of the vulnerability cycle
  • Discover security tools and best practices
  • Find out top CISO investments for 2017
Cybersecurity: Costs, Risks, and Benefits
Date: Feb 28, 2017

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How much should your organization spend on information security? Whats the potential cost of a major hack or data breach? Whats the risk that your enterprise will be hit by a cyberattack? How can you measure the benefits of your investment in cybersecurity?

Todays businesses wrestle with these questions every day. On one hand, they look at their growing IT security expenditures and wonder whether they are spending too much or not enough. On the other hand, the likelihood of a major data compromise and the associated costs have never been higher.

Cybersecurity: Costs, Risks, and Benefits will help you answer many of these difficult questions. This online event, hosted by the editors of Dark Reading, brings together IT security leaders, business executives, and cyber threat experts will provide you with a holistic view of the costs and benefits of information security investments.

Why Should You Attend?
If youre a top executive, you need to be able to measure the risks and benefits of IT security in order to gauge the right amount of investment. If youre an IT security professional, you need to be able to make a solid business case for hiring more staff and buying new technology. In either case, by attending youll get some formulas to help you evaluate the costs and benefits of IT security.

You will also get insight on how to measure risks and the performance of your IT security initiatives, so that you can evaluate the role that data security plays in your own organization, and the potential impact of future threats.

Cost Find out the extensive toll a breach can take on an organization, and explore the investments needed to protect it.
Risk Understand the likelihood of your organization being breached and whether cyber insurance is worth the investment.
IT Security Get information as to the costs of IT security, cost management, and demonstrating performance and growth in the efficiency of the IT security department.

What You Will Learn:

  • How damaging a breach can be to your business - from a financial, legal, brand, and customer/supplier relationship standpoint.
  • Ways to manage IT security costs while achieving the greatest efficiency.
  • Valuable information about cyber insurance policies and whether they can be the answer to the IT security spending question.
  • Methods for measuring the cost of a breach as well as the likelihood that your organization will suffer such an event.
  • Ways for measuring IT security performance, as well as justifying the cost of new IT security spending.
  • How to build a business case for IT security and how to demonstrate performance and growth in the efficiency of the IT security department.
2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights for Leaders
Date: Feb 23, 2017

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In order to evoke positive action in your security program, you need a clear direction on where to focus your resources. This webcast will provide you with insight on ways to strengthen your security program, and will also review our 2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights for Leaders report, in which we share several key findings and observations from our client engagements about the security industry.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Explore observations from our engagements and findings
  • See how you can rethink core security processes and operations
  • Understand whether the current nature and behaviors of the threat are evolving or staying constant
  • See what the common attack vectors are and how to protect your organization against the fundamentals of cyber-attacks
  • Learn how to focus your resources from a tactical and strategic perspective
Preparing For The Ransomware Onslaught -- Part 2: Ransomware Detection & Triage
Date: Feb 23, 2017

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Ransomware operators will always announce their presence, but not until after theyve finished locking you out of your systems. There are, however, ways that you might be able to catch them in the act, if you know what to look for. However, when the ransomware sneaks by your steely-eyed gaze, there are questions youll need answers to: how long can your business survive without access to the locked systems? How up-to-date are your backups? Even if its hard to stomach, is the right decision simply to pay the ransom?

In this webinar, youll learn:

  • how to detect some kinds of ransomware before theyve completed encrypting your system
  • how to quickly determine the extent of the damage
  • how to assess the risk of paying a ransomware operator
Dont miss the rest of the Dark Reading ransomware security trilogy, sponsored by Code42:

Part 1: Ransomware Prevention Available On Demand

Part 3: Ransomware Remediation & Recovery, Tuesday, March 28

Phishy Business: How To Social Engineer Your End Users Into More Secure Behavior
Date: Feb 21, 2017

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Attackers convince your end users to do things all the time; why cant you? While social engineers regularly trick users into clicking on phishing messages, security pros often have trouble getting users to NOT click on phishing messages. Clearly the attackers know something you dont.

In this webinar, learn some of the social engineers tricks of the trade and how to use them to improve the effectiveness of your security awareness program, ethically and responsibly. Its fun to phish your users!  

Cloud Security Roadmap: Mitigating Risks and Building for Long-Term Success
Date: Feb 09, 2017

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Let your inner control freak go. The we control everything security strategy does not apply to the cloud, especially not multicloud. According to Forrester Research*, in 2015, 29 percent of global enterprise infrastructure decision-makers said they had already adopted or were in the process of adopting or expanding public cloud services, yet 32 percent of them say they have security concerns regarding application/data protection. How do you prevent the loss of sensitive data while enjoying the cost reduction and flexibility a multicloud strategy can bring?

This webinar, featuring guest speaker Andras Cser, VP Principal Analyst from Forrester Research, and Jeff Schilling, Chief of Customer Operations and Security from Armor, will discuss the following takeaways:

  • How to build your comprehensive cloud security strategy
  • How to ensure a consistent security posture across multiple clouds
  • How to evaluate your cloud security investment in 2017
Threat Hunting in the Enterprise Jungle
Date: Feb 02, 2017

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Cyber attackers are present and active within today’s enterprise systems. In this jungle-like environment – where compromised devices and user accounts become exploited blind spots, and siloed security tools make it difficult to detect, track, and disrupt covert lateral movement – you’ll need more than just poisoned darts and boulders to hunt down attackers and threats.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Get best practices on how to leverage an integrated defense to take on attackers
  • Discover how to effectively identify and neutralize modern attacks by bringing together automated device discovery, user analytics, fluid exploration across network, and endpoint visibility
Preparing For The Ransomware Onslaught -- Part 1: Ransomware Prevention
Date: Jan 31, 2017

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In the past year, many enterprises have been attacked by cybercriminals who encrypted their data – and demanded money to decrypt it. This “ransomware” is infecting more and more businesses each day – but there are ways to limit its impact.

In this webinar – part of a three-part series of webinars on ransomware – top experts will discuss methods for preventing ransomware code from getting through your enterprise defenses, and how you can limit its reach. You’ll learn how ransomware is developed, how it is deployed, and how it evades standard IT security tools and defenses. You’ll hear about ransomware attackers – how they work, and their strategies for encrypting your data. Most importantly, you’ll learn techniques for stopping ransomware in its tracks before it can run rampant through your environment.

Of course, the best security teams are the ones who are prepared for the days when their best security preventions fail. So don’t miss the rest of the Dark Reading ransomware security trilogy, sponsored by Code42:

Part 2: Ransomware Detection & Triage, Thursday, Feb. 23

Part 3: Ransomware Remediation & Recovery, Tuesday, March 28

How to Better Arm Your Network Defenses
Date: Jan 26, 2017

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BYOD policies and the enablement of global workforces to insecurely connect to your network has opened “Pandora’s cyber box” to malicious attacks you worked hard to keep out. This fundamental shift limits your visibility into the threats that are targeting your networks and allows malware to easily bypass network defenses, costing you more time and effort on clean-ups. So how can you improve your network defenses?
Attend this webinar and you will learn:

  • Ways to quickly identify and block security threats in advance
  • Steps to effectively prevent access to malicious websites and unwanted content
  • Reduce time-to-resolution for malware infections and security clean-ups
  • Add an extra layer of security and improve performance without the need for costly appliances or installations.
Protect Your Endpoint Memory: Stop Fileless Attacks
Date: Jan 25, 2017

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Advanced attackers use sophisticated techniques to compromise, entrench and act on critical assets. With the rise of fileless attacks, Security Operations Center (SOC) teams must protect endpoint memory to stop adversaries from gaining foothold on enterprise endpoints.
Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Understand the anatomy of fileless attack
  • Get in-depth information on the proliferation of fileless attacks and attack types
  • Find out how in-memory protection stops fileless attacks

Managing Threats from Every Angle
Date: Jan 19, 2017

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You’ve lost the tactical advantage. Your environment is not safe. No vector is secure. No infrastructure is protected. Understanding the situation is critical in changing cybersecurity behavior and fighting threat actors who have developed new strategies.

In an exclusive live event, A10 Networks will explore the introduction of new threat actors, attack strategies and detail how organizations must respond.

This webinar will:

  • Demonstrate the impact of IoT-based attacks on security operations
  • Highlight repeated insider threat concerns
  • Prepare you for the next mega breach
  • Examine emerging hardware threats
  • Discuss the impact of predictive analytics and machine-learning
  • Outline the most vulnerable attack vectors, including ICS, physical access, PoS and IoT devices
  • Explore how compliance standards like GDPR and PCI will impact your bottom line
Using Threat Analysis In the Security Operations Center
Date: Jan 19, 2017

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In the past, security response teams and security operations centers (SOCs) have focused most of their effort on reacting to new attacks and compromises. But as threat intelligence becomes more sophisticated and threat hunting becomes a more common tool in the security department, the nature of incident response is changing. Stay ahead of these changes by finding out how you can utilize threat data and analysis to strengthen your security.

Attend this webinar and you will learn:

  • How your organization can use threat information and analysis as part of its security operations
  • How to harness threat data to respond more quickly to new compromises
  • How to use that data to help limit the impact of a data breach or prevent it all together

7 Key Cloud Security Trends Shaping 2017 and Beyond
Date: Dec 15, 2016

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Cloud computing is enabling business transformation as organizations accelerate time to market and business agility. Evolving cloud technologies and approaches, however, can create security gaps and human errors. Data protection rests with you and your organization and not the cloud provider.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Discover key cloud security trends and insights for 2017 and beyond
  • Understand the state of public cloud security today
  • Find out how you can exceed Board expectations around the cloud 
  • Learn why no cloud organization is too small or too remote to be targeted
  • Get steps you can take to ensure that your security meets evolving business demands
The 4 Keys to Improving Security Threat Detection
Date: Dec 15, 2016

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You can't have network security monitoring without visibility to network data.  You can't have visibility without context or you risk overwhelming security tools with irrelevant traffic.  You can't add context to data without the performance to apply it at line rate. And you can't have performance without resilience to protect security tools and paths.

In this webinar, Ixia will show how to combine the four keys to improving security threat detection into a Security Fabric to deliver greater context and intelligent distribution to monitored traffic.  You will learn how to create actionable threat intelligence specific to your organization and increase the value of your existing security tool infrastructure.

When you attend this webinar, you will:

  • Understand why the traditional network perimeter is flawed
  • Learn why threat detection and protection requires rich data and efficient traffic delivery
  • Discover how to add context-awareness and application intelligence to monitored traffic and target delivery to specific tools
  • See how a Security Fabric automatically recognizes known and unknown applications on your network
  • Learn how to deploy, integrate, and manage a Security Fabric
Secure Application Development: New Best Practices
Date: Dec 14, 2016

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Online security threats and defenses are evolving at a breakneck pace, but methods for developing business applications are evolving even faster. As app developers move toward DevOps and Agile software development processes, network managers and ops teams are increasingly deploying cloud services so new apps can be used and updated over a fast, dynamic, and flexible infrastructure.

This rapidly-changing app environment brings new challenges for information security. Learn how your enterprise can combine emerging app development methods, cloud services capabilities, and new security practices to create a fast and more secure application environment.
Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Learn how application teams can build security into their development processes
  • Get ways to implement new, faster methods for creating and deploying new applications
  • Explore how to detect and eradicate software vulnerabilities in changing applications being deployed over a cloud infrastructure
  • Discover how enterprises use the cloud to speed the implementation of secure application development
Exploit Kits: How to Protect Your Organization
Date: Dec 08, 2016

View archived webinar

Today’s attackers are using exploit kits to automatically find vulnerabilities in common systems. As the use of these attacks increase, so does your chance of being compromised. In order to better protect your organization, you’ll need to understand the inner workings of exploit kits.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Find out why exploit kits are increasing in popularity (hint: it’s a big business!)
  • Understand how exploit kits automatically compromise vulnerabilities
  • Get the process for launching an exploit kit campaign
  • Learn how to defend your organization from exploits
How to Build and Maintain an Effective Cyberthreat-Hunting Team
Date: Dec 07, 2016

View archived webinar

As online attackers and exploits get more sophisticated, many enterprises are discovering that more traditional, passive methods of detecting cyberthreats arent working as well as they used to. To help find and eradicate sophisticated threats more quickly, enterprises are building threat hunting programs to actively analyze internal telemetry and external threat intelligence data, and to better prevent the compromise of critical business data.

What goes into building and maintaining a threat hunting program? And how can a security operations team change traditionally passive forensics processes to become more proactive and immediate?

In this webinar, top security experts will give you:

  • Methods used to create threat hunting programs
  • Ways to staff and resource these programs
  • New tools to help identify and root out sophisticated attackers including those that can go beyond traditional, first-line incident response


Taking the Mystery out of Ransomware
Date: Dec 07, 2016

View archived webinar

Lost data. Systems locked down. Whole companies coming to a grinding halt. When it comes to ransomware, the damage it can do to your company is immense. Many companies are perplexed by ransomware and don’t know how to best protect themselves – but there’s no reason to remain in the dark.

Join us for this informative webinar presented by Michael Mimoso from Kaspersky Lab’s GReAT team as we take the mystery out of this growing threat. We’ll shine a light on the most common tactics cybercriminals use to infiltrate an organization and the concrete steps you can take to protect your company.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Understand how ransomware works
  • Learn common tactics that cybercriminals use to infiltrate an organization
  • Get concrete steps to protect your company from ransomware
7 Bug Bounty Myths: Busted
Date: Dec 07, 2016

View archived webinar

Despite thousands of large and small organizations running bug bounty programs, there is still a lot of fear and uncertainty about these in the cybersecurity community. In this webinar we will explore 7 myths about Bug Bounty programs, the hackers who are involved, and the impact they are having on the security posture of organizations around the world.

When you attend this webinar you will:

  • Learn if a bug bounty program is right for your organization
  • Understand if a bug bounty encourages hackers to attack your systems
  • Explore the real benefits of bug bounty programs – and find out if they actually work
  • Get insight on whether these programs are too hard and costly to manage
How Automation Can Dramatically Improve your Security Response Program
Date: Dec 06, 2016

View archived webinar

Automation in Security. Most enterprises talk about it – but are they really doing it? And if so, where does good automation end? Tools that enable automatic blocking or isolate a compromised system can inadvertently take down critical business applications. However, there are security tasks that can be safely automated, giving back time to security teams – without putting systems or jobs at risk.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Learn why automation is critical for efficient enterprise security response
  • Explore practical approaches to no-risk automation
  • Find out which repetitive, but necessary tasks can be automated easily
  • Get the steps you need to start using automation in your security program
Secure Your Organization against Phishing Attacks
Date: Dec 06, 2016

View archived webinar

Most major cyberattacks on enterprises begin with a social engineering attack, in which an employee is fooled into downloading malware or giving up online credentials. These attacks often come as realistic-looking phishing emails that purport to be from a colleague or trustworthy source.

To prevent these attacks, you need to know who attackers are looking for inside your organization, how they choose their phishing victims, and what methods they use.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Learn about the most common attacks
  • Understand the goals and process of the phishing attacker
  • Explore the potential impact of a phishing compromise
  • Get expert recommendations on how to minimize the impact of phishing attacks
  • Walk away with best practices on how to secure your organization
Containerized Applications Changing Security Landscape
Date: Dec 01, 2016

View archived webinar

Traditionally, application developers' security focus has been limited to static code analysis and fuzzing techniques. Today's reality is that secure application deployment principles must extend from the infrastructure layer through the application and include how the application is deployed.
With continuous deployment of micro-services and Docker containers becoming mainstream, it’s imperative that security initiatives include security scanning and monitoring. Increasingly, known open source vulnerabilities have been the "way in" for attackers. This is a major concern for organizations worldwide at a time when exploits of open source vulnerabilities are proving both costly and embarrassing.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Find out how security scanning and monitoring can help keep attackers out of your applications
  • Walk away with an up-close view on the attacker mind-set
  • Get an understanding of how vulnerabilities increase risk of attack
  • Learn which infrastructure elements minimize risk
  • Understand the role of SAST/DAST and vulnerability management in decreasing the impact of a compromise
The 5 Keys for Dealing with an Email-Borne Ransomware Attack
Date: Nov 30, 2016

View archived webinar

Email-borne ransomware attacks are on the rise. An average of +4,000 ransomware incidents have occurred daily since the start of 2016*. What should you do if your organization is hit by ransomware? The key is to have a plan before it happens because the bad guys wont give you much time to react.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Get the 5 keys you need for your ransomware response plan
  • Learn how to minimize the chances of a successful attack
  • Know how to continue operating during an attack and how to recover quickly
  • Find out who should make the business decisions on what to do when an attack occurs

* How to Protect Your Networks from Ransomware, US Government interagency technical guidance document, https://www.justice.gov/criminal-ccips/file/872771/download

Resilient Security Monitoring: One Step at a Time
Date: Nov 17, 2016

View archived webinar

Your security architecture was designed to protect your business, but does it have the resiliency to deliver results in the event something doesn’t go as planned? Can you maintain network availability and full security inspection during component outages and planned upgrades, or recover instantly from catastrophic failures? Resiliency is attainable – even on a budget – when you take it step by step.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Get techniques to increase the resiliency of your security fabric
  • Find out how to eliminate downtime during regular maintenance
  • Learn what you can do to prevent dropped packets from impacting your security posture
  • Discover how to achieve cost-effective high availability to further protect your business
Simplify Security and Management of Office 365
Date: Nov 17, 2016

View archived webinar

If your organization is moving to Office 365, youre facing the challenge of dealing with identity management and end users accessing Office applications and corporate data from potentially insecure devices. Yet these challenges in endpoint security can be managed by simplifying the Office 365 deployment and implementing secure controls to protect sensitive information.

Attend this webinar on November 17th and you will:

  • Learn how to enable secure access to email and content from any device including unmanaged devices
  • Find ways for end users to get a simple experience when accessing Office 365 apps
  • Get an in-depth understanding of IT capabilities such as conditional access and data leakage protection
  • Review best practices to easily enable your mobile workforce and BYO efforts
  • See how Workspace ONE enables IT to streamline the migration to Office 365
How to Get Cloud Security into Your Budget
Date: Nov 16, 2016

View archived webinar

If you’ve made the move to the cloud, you’re facing new security risks – and you may not have budgeted for a solution that will secure your entire cloud footprint. In order to secure all of your cloud services, you and your team must make a bulletproof business case to include cloud security in your budget.

Attend this informative webinar and you will:

  • Get new ways to align cloud security spending with business objectives
  • Discover how to demonstrate savings in cyber security expertise through automation
  • Learn how to demonstrate the financial exposure of not having a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • See how Levi Strauss & Co. successfully made the case for a CASB
Re-Thinking Your Enterprise IT Security Strategy
Date: Nov 15, 2016

View archived webinar

Each year, enterprises spend more money than they have ever spent before on cybersecurity, yet the number of businesses breached -and the number of records lost-continues to grow. Whats wrong with our current enterprise IT security thinking? More importantly, how can we re-shape that thinking to develop better cybersecurity strategies, tactics and technologies?


: 11:00 AM 11:45 AM ET

Re-Thinking The Philosophy Of Enterprise Security
Not so many years ago, IT departments believed they could build a secure perimeter and defend it with technology, teach users to embrace and use sophisticated endpoint technology, and develop a layered defense that would stop even the most determined attacker. Today, many of these beliefs are changing. In this eye-opening keynote presentation, a top security visionary explains why these fundamentals no longer apply and offers some new thinking around enterprise defense.

Keynote: 12:15 PM 1:00 PM ET
Why Security Departments Fail (And What You Can Do About It)
Why do enterprise security technologies and practices fail? Is it the technology thats failing, or is it people and processes? Most importantly, what can IT organizations do to change this trend? What tools and practices should they keep and which ones should they get rid of? One of the industrys leading security thinkers offers some practical advice.

Keynote: 1:30 PM 2:15 PM ET
Preparing A Next-Generation IT Security Strategy
One of the main reasons why information security is so hard to achieve today is that IT itself is changing so rapidly. How can IT organizations build a security strategy that works when so much of the computing environment is outside their span of control? How can security departments implement technologies and practices that will work not only in todays IT environment, but in tomorrows dynamic, multi-dimensional computing world as well? A forward-looking security expert offers some insight on how to develop a futureproof enterprise IT security plan.

Panel: 2:45 PM 3:30 PM ET
How To Build And Maintain A Comprehensive Enterprise Security Architecture
When it comes to security, todays IT organization spends most of its time finding breaches and vulnerabilities and remediating them before the bad guys can find them. But wouldnt it be more efficient to develop a comprehensive set of tools, practices, and processes a security architecture that could provide the basic building blocks of enterprise defense? Top security experts discuss ways that IT organizations can reduce the daily panic by implementing a more well-considered, comprehensive line of defense.

Panel: 3:45 PM 4:30 PM ET
The Future Of The Online Threat
In order to develop a more comprehensive, futureproof IT security strategy, its important to know threats are evolving. Where will cybercrime be in three years? In five? What new exploits will attackers be using and what vulnerabilities will they be seeking? In this provocative panel, forward-thinking security experts will offer a glimpse of the future of online attacks and how your organization can prepare today for tomorrows new exploits.

Spearphishing, Whaling, and Other Targeted Social Engineering Attacks On Your Users
Date: Nov 10, 2016

View archived webinar

Most major enterprise data breaches begin with an attempt to fool a single user on your network. Whether they are targeting top executives, financial decision makers, or IT people who maintain passwords and credentials, todays cyberattackers often are going after specific individuals in your organization. And as the holiday shopping season begins, these attacks on individuals may become easier and more frequent.
In this eye-opening webinar, top experts on phishing and social engineering will discuss the motives and methods that attackers use to execute these targeted spearphishing attacks. Youll get insight on how the attackers choose their social engineering targets, the methods they use to find out about those individuals, and the exploits they execute to fool specific users into giving up sensitive information. Youll also get recommendations on how to prevent this early reconnaissance, as well as the attacks themselves, and how to train your users to recognize an attack before it creates a compromise.

Malware: New Threats and Trends
Date: Nov 09, 2016

View archived webinar

The malware hitting today’s enterprises is very different from the malware they were fighting a year ago. New methods of disguise, new types of behavior, and new methods of automated malware generation mean that every day, most organizations are facing malware that is more effective, in forms that they have never seen before, in volumes that are overwhelming to current defenses. How can enterprises detect and eradicate these new threats?
In this fascinating webinar, top malware experts discuss the latest developments in malware, including new methods of obfuscation, polymorphism, and ransomware. You’ll get a look at how the most current malware behaves, and how it adapts to the environment it infects. Best of all, you’ll get insight on how to detect the latest exploits, and how to build up your anti-malware defenses to help mitigate the effects of new attacks.

Outsmart Ransomware Attacks with the Right Protection Strategy
Date: Nov 03, 2016

View archived webinar

No longer content to just steal data, criminals are deploying ransomware everywhere and holding businesses hostage on a daily basis. To minimize the fallout of an eventual attack, Security and IT teams need to think and respond differently, and Boards and the C-Suite must understand the real risk of these threats. By doing so you can choose the right protection strategy to help your organization outsmart ransomware attacks.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Find out what’s different about the latest crop of Ransomware and Extortionware cases
  • See how IT Risk teams are approaching the problem
  • Explore regulatory environment recommendations and gain perspective on how these can quickly move to regulatory requirements
  • Discover what you can do to protect your environment and prevent attackers from achieving their objectives
  • Get remediation best practices and what you can do to recover from an attack
  • Learn about the concept of an Isolated Recovery vault in combination with an “air gap” as an ultimate layer of protection for your data
Mythbusting the Hackers Playbook
Date: Nov 01, 2016

View archived webinar

Exactly how hard is it to attack an organization? What types of breach methods are most effective? What critical errors are security defenders making when securing their organization? In order to defend yourself, you’ll need to understand how attackers view you and your enterprise.

When you join us for this exclusive webinar you will:

  • Get best practices to stay several steps ahead of your attacker
  • Discover common errors made by IT security teams
  • Learn successful infiltration, lateral movement and exfiltration methods of defense
  • Get insights from the Hacker’s Playbook (which incorporated the analysis of more than 3,985,011 breach methods executed in enterprise deployments)
  • Get a chance to “play the hacker”
  • Mythbust common assumptions on security in the enterprise
How Bad Breaches Happen to Good Companies
Date: Oct 27, 2016

View archived webinar

Nearly every day, a major data security breach is disclosed or appears in news headlines. But these breaches don’t just happen – they are often a product of weeks or months of reconnaissance, planning, and social engineering. But how do attackers conduct this research and planning?  And how can organizations disrupt the process – and prevent breaches before they start?
In this comprehensive webcast, top security experts will join with Dark Reading editors to discuss how breaches begin – and what you can do to stop them. You’ll get a look at new Dark Reading research that reveals the latest trends in data breaches and how companies respond to them. You’ll get insight on how attackers choose their targets, and how they research and test those targets before they launch an exploit. And you’ll get recommendations on how your organization can interrupt the attack chain – and potentially stop a breach from occurring in the first place.

How to Survive a Data Breach
Date: Oct 25, 2016

View archived webinar

Data breaches happen more frequently than we think and the aftermath can be disastrous with many companies suffering losses and reputational damage. What you do after a breach is critical. Join us for this comprehensive webinar where well discuss exactly what your team needs to do in the event of a breach.

Attend this webinar and you will learn:

  • What to do as soon as you detect a breach
  • Who your breach team should consist of and how to assemble them
  • What time sensitive artifacts you should be collecting
  • How to monitor the breach and stop the bleeding
  • How to get back to normal operations
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20 Questions to Ask Yourself before Giving a Security Conference Talk
Joshua Goldfarb, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, IDDRA,  10/16/2017
Why Security Leaders Can't Afford to Be Just 'Left-Brained'
Bill Bradley, SVP, Cyber Engineering and Technical Services, CenturyLink,  10/17/2017
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The State of Ransomware
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From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
Published: 2017-05-09
NScript in mpengine in Microsoft Malware Protection Engine with Engine Version before 1.1.13704.0, as used in Windows Defender and other products, allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (type confusion and application crash) via crafted JavaScript code within ...

Published: 2017-05-08
unixsocket.c in lxterminal through 0.3.0 insecurely uses /tmp for a socket file, allowing a local user to cause a denial of service (preventing terminal launch), or possibly have other impact (bypassing terminal access control).

Published: 2017-05-08
A privilege escalation vulnerability in Brocade Fibre Channel SAN products running Brocade Fabric OS (FOS) releases earlier than v7.4.1d and v8.0.1b could allow an authenticated attacker to elevate the privileges of user accounts accessing the system via command line interface. With affected version...

Published: 2017-05-08
Improper checks for unusual or exceptional conditions in Brocade NetIron 05.8.00 and later releases up to and including 06.1.00, when the Management Module is continuously scanned on port 22, may allow attackers to cause a denial of service (crash and reload) of the management module.

Published: 2017-05-08
Nextcloud Server before 11.0.3 is vulnerable to an inadequate escaping leading to a XSS vulnerability in the search module. To be exploitable a user has to write or paste malicious content into the search dialogue.