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As Offices Reopen, Hardware from Home Threatens Security
Joan Goodchild, Contributing Writer
Devices out of sight for the past several months could spell trouble when employees bring them back to work.
By Joan Goodchild Contributing Writer, 7/10/2020
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4 Security Tips as the July 15 Tax-Day Extension Draws Near
Shane Buckley, President & Chief Operating Officer, GigamonCommentary
We're continuing to see cybercriminals take advantage of COVID-19, and the extension of Tax Day will be the next technique used in their sophisticated method of attacks.
By Shane Buckley President & Chief Operating Officer, Gigamon, 7/10/2020
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Using Adversarial Machine Learning, Researchers Look to Foil Facial Recognition
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
For privacy-seeking users, good news: Computer scientists are finding more ways to thwart facial and image recognition. But there's also bad news: Gains will likely be short-lived.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 7/9/2020
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Pen Testing ROI: How to Communicate the Value of Security Testing
Nabil Hannan, Managing Director at NetSPICommentary
There are many reasons to pen test, but the financial reasons tend to get ignored.
By Nabil Hannan Managing Director at NetSPI, 7/9/2020
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Framing the Security Story: The Simplest Threats Are the Most Dangerous
Douglas Ferguson, Founder & CTO, Pharos SecurityCommentary
Don't be distracted by flashy advanced attacks and ignore the more mundane ones.
By Douglas Ferguson Founder & CTO, Pharos Security, 7/7/2020
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How to Assess More Sophisticated IoT Threats
Jack Mannino, CEO, nVisiumCommentary
Securing the Internet of Things requires diligence in secure development and hardware design throughout the product life cycle, as well as resilience testing and system component analysis.
By Jack Mannino CEO, nVisium, 7/6/2020
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Another COVID-19 Side Effect: Rising Nation-State Cyber Activity
Stephen Ward, VP, ThreatConnectCommentary
While financial institutions and government remain popular targets, COVID-19 research organizations are now also in the crosshairs.
By Stephen Ward VP, ThreatConnect, 7/1/2020
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3 Ways to Flatten the Health Data Hacking Curve
David MacLeod, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, and Enterprise CISO at WelltokCommentary
With more people working from home, health data security is more challenging but vitally important. These tips can help safeguard healthcare data.
By David MacLeod Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, and Enterprise CISO at Welltok, 6/30/2020
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7 Tips for Effective Deception
Jai Vijayan, Contributing Writer
The right decoys can frustrate attackers and help detect threats more quickly.
By Jai Vijayan Contributing Writer, 6/25/2020
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Lucifer Malware Aims to Become Broad Platform for Attacks
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
The recent spread of the distributed denial-of-service tool attempts to exploit a dozen web-framework flaws, uses credential stuffing, and is intended to work against a variety of operating systems.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 6/25/2020
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Average Cost of a Data Breach: $116M
Marc Wilczek, Digital Strategist & COO of Link11Commentary
Sensitivity of customer information and time-to-detection determine financial blowback of cybersecurity breaches.
By Marc Wilczek Digital Strategist & COO of Link11, 6/24/2020
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Rethinking Enterprise Access, Post-COVID-19
Dor Knafo, Co-Founder & CEO of Axis SecurityCommentary
New approaches will allow businesses to reduce risk while meeting the needs of users, employees, and third parties. Here are three issues to consider when reimagining enterprise application access.
By Dor Knafo Co-Founder & CEO of Axis Security, 6/24/2020
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Cybercrime Infrastructure Never Really Dies
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
Despite the takedown of the "CyberBunker" threat operators in 2019, command-and-control traffic continues to report back to the defunct network address space.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 6/23/2020
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Pandemic Accelerates Priceline's 'Coffee Shop' Remote-Access Strategy
Ericka Chickowski, Contributing WriterNews
The travel-booking giant had been slowly starting to transition away from VPN dependence. Then COVID-19 happened, and suddenly 700 third-party call-center workers were working from home.
By Ericka Chickowski Contributing Writer, 6/22/2020
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Cloud Threats and Priorities as We Head Into the Second Half of 2020
Ericka Chickowski, Contributing Writer
With millions working from home and relying on the cloud, security leaders are under increasing pressure to keep their enterprises breach-free.
By Ericka Chickowski Contributing Writer, 6/22/2020
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What's Anonymous Up to Now?
Seth Rosenblatt, Contributing WriterNews
The hacker group recently took credit for two high-profile incidents -- but its actions aren't quite the same as they once were, some say.
By Seth Rosenblatt Contributing Writer, 6/17/2020
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Too Big to Cyber Fail?
Jason Crabtree, CEO & Co-Founder, QOMPLXCommentary
How systemic cyber-risk threatens US banks and financial services companies
By Jason Crabtree CEO & Co-Founder, QOMPLX, 6/17/2020
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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Web App Pen Testing
Vanessa Sauter, Security Strategy Analyst at Cobalt.ioCommentary
Time on your hands and looking to learn about web apps? Here's a list to get you started.
By Vanessa Sauter Security Strategy Analyst at Cobalt.io, 6/11/2020
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Asset Management Mess? How to Get Organized
Joan Goodchild, Contributing WriterNews
Hardware and software deployments all over the place due to the pandemic scramble? Here are the essential steps to ensure you can find what you need -- and secure it.
By Joan Goodchild Contributing Writer, 6/10/2020
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Hack-for-Hire Firm Connected to Attacks on Nonprofits, Journalists
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
The Dark Basin group behind thousands of phishing and malware attacks is likely an India-based "ethical hacking" firm that works on behalf of commercial clients.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 6/9/2020
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Dark Reading Staff 7/9/2020
4 Security Tips as the July 15 Tax-Day Extension Draws Near
Shane Buckley, President & Chief Operating Officer, Gigamon,  7/10/2020
Russian Cyber Gang 'Cosmic Lynx' Focuses on Email Fraud
Kelly Sheridan, Staff Editor, Dark Reading,  7/7/2020
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From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
PUBLISHED: 2020-07-10
Django Two-Factor Authentication before 1.12, stores the user's password in clear text in the user session (base64-encoded). The password is stored in the session when the user submits their username and password, and is removed once they complete authentication by entering a two-factor authenticati...
PUBLISHED: 2020-07-10
In Bareos Director less than or equal to 16.2.10, 17.2.9, 18.2.8, and 19.2.7, a heap overflow allows a malicious client to corrupt the director's memory via oversized digest strings sent during initialization of a verify job. Disabling verify jobs mitigates the problem. This issue is also patched in...
PUBLISHED: 2020-07-10
Bareos before version 19.2.8 and earlier allows a malicious client to communicate with the director without knowledge of the shared secret if the director allows client initiated connection and connects to the client itself. The malicious client can replay the Bareos director's cram-md5 challenge to...
PUBLISHED: 2020-07-10
osquery before version 4.4.0 enables a priviledge escalation vulnerability. If a Window system is configured with a PATH that contains a user-writable directory then a local user may write a zlib1.dll DLL, which osquery will attempt to load. Since osquery runs with elevated privileges this enables l...
PUBLISHED: 2020-07-10
An exploitable SQL injection vulnerability exists in the Admin Reports functionality of Glacies IceHRM v26.6.0.OS (Commit bb274de1751ffb9d09482fd2538f9950a94c510a) . A specially crafted HTTP request can cause SQL injection. An attacker can make an authenticated HTTP request to trigger this vulnerabi...