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Martin and Dorothie Hellman on Love, Crypto & Saving the World
Feature  |  2/15/2020  | 
Martin Hellman, co-creator of the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, and his wife of 53 years, Dorothie, talk about the current state of cryptography and what making peace at home taught them about making peace on Earth.
Coronavirus Raises New Business Continuity, Phishing Challenges for InfoSec
Feature  |  2/13/2020  | 
What happens when understaffed security teams at home and abroad are sequestered in physical quarantine zones?
Chaos & Order: The Keys to Quantum-Proof Encryption
Feature  |  2/12/2020  | 
The implications of chaos form the basis of a new approach to encryption that promises quantum-proof perfect secrecy. But first, your current crypto needs some tidying up.
From 1s & 0s to Wobbly Lines: The Radio Frequency (RF) Security Starter Guide
Feature  |  2/7/2020  | 
Although radio frequency energy (RF) communications are increasingly essential to modern wireless networking and IoT, the security of RF is notoriously lax.
Phishing Personified
Feature  |  2/6/2020  | 
What makes these scams so completely obvious in the physical form?
Poll: A Matter of Trust
Feature  |  2/6/2020  | 
Has working in the cybersecurity industry affected your ability to trust? Take the poll now.
What Is a Privileged Access Workstation (PAW)?
Ask The Experts  |  2/5/2020  | 
Ask the Experts -- about a technological game of keep-away that protects the most precious resources from the greatest dangers.
C-Level & Studying for the CISSP
Feature  |  2/3/2020  | 
One CTO tells us about his belated pursuit of a foundational infosecurity certification -- why he wanted it and what it took.
Name That Toon: Private (Button) Eye
Feature  |  1/31/2020  | 
Feeling creative? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
AppSec Concerns Drove 61% of Businesses to Change Applications
Threat Monitor  |  1/31/2020  | 
Some have even left behind commercial software and migrated to open source or in-house homegrown applications. Continue for synopsis or read full research report.
The Y2K Boomerang: InfoSec Lessons Learned from a New Date-Fix Problem
Feature  |  1/20/2020  | 
We all make assumptions. They rarely turn out well. A new/old date problem offers a lesson in why that's so.
With International Tensions Flaring, Cyber-Risk Is Heating Up for All Businesses
Feature  |  1/16/2020  | 
Risks of nation-state attacks go beyond Iran, and the need for awareness and security don't stop at any national border.
How to Comprehend the Buzz About Honeypots
Feature  |  1/15/2020  | 
Honeypots are crucial tools for security researchers and security teams. Understanding what they are and what they can do can be critical for making them safe and useful for your organization.
How to Keep Security on Life Support After Software End-of-Life
Feature  |  1/14/2020  | 
It's the end of support this week for Windows 7 and Server 2008. But what if you truly can't migrate off software, even after security updates stop coming?
An Identity Management Spin on Shaggy's Hit Song
Feature  |  1/13/2020  | 
Wondering how this guy could be so clumsy? So is he.
6 Unique InfoSec Metrics CISOs Should Track in 2020
Feature  |  1/10/2020  | 
You might not find these measurements on a standard cybersecurity department checklist. But they can help evaluate risks you haven't even considered yet.
In App Development, Does No-Code Mean No Security?
Feature  |  1/8/2020  | 
No-code and low-code development platforms are part of application development, but there are keys to making sure that they don't leave security behind with traditional coding.
Car Hacking Hits the Streets
Feature  |  1/7/2020  | 
The top-three carmakers sell only connected vehicles in the United States and other manufacturers are catching up creating a massive opportunity for attacks, which black-hat hackers are not overlooking.
What Tools Will Find Misconfigurations in My AWS S3 Cloud Buckets?
Ask The Experts  |  1/6/2020  | 
Misconfigured cloud buckets leak sensitive data. Here's how to keep your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Server Storage (S3) buckets secured.
The Edge Cartoon Caption Contest: Latest Winners, New Toon 'Like a Boss'
Feature  |  1/3/2020  | 
Feeling creative? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
How Cybersecurity's Metrics of Misery Fail to Describe Cybercrime Pain
Feature  |  1/2/2020  | 
Dollars lost and data records exposed are valuable measurements, but the true pain of a cybersecurity incident goes far beyond that. We asked infosec pros how they put words to the pain they feel when their defenses fall apart.
Cybercrime's Most Lucrative Careers
Feature  |  12/31/2019  | 
Crime pays. Really well. Here's a look at just how much a cybercriminal can earn in a month.
6 CISO New Year's Resolutions for 2020
Feature  |  12/30/2019  | 
We asked chief information security officers how they plan to get their infosec departments in shape next year.
Poll Results: Security Pros Are Not Only Smart -- They're Generous, Too
Feature  |  12/27/2019  | 
Altruism is alive and well among Edge readers, who seek to share their security expertise with causes they care about.
How Can My Security Team Begin Future-Proofing for Quantum Computing?
Ask The Experts  |  12/27/2019  | 
Knowing where your digital certificates are is just the start.
Gauging the Cybersecurity Climate
Ask The Experts  |  12/27/2019  | 
Is climate change impacting your cybersecurity, cyber-risk, or cyber-incident response plans?
The Year of Magecart: How the E-Commerce Raiders Reigned in 2019
Feature  |  12/26/2019  | 
Breaching British Airways, Ticketmaster, and Macy's, Magecart attack groups sharply rose in sophistication and pervasiveness this year -- and show no signs of slowing down.
Santa and the Zero-Trust Model: A Christmas Story
Feature  |  12/23/2019  | 
How would the world's most generous elf operate in a world of zero-trust security? A group of cybersecurity experts lets us know.
SIM Swapping Attacks: What They Are & How to Stop Them
Feature  |  12/23/2019  | 
Fraudsters with social engineering skills are hijacking cell phone SIM cards to access victims' bitcoin and social media accounts.
Someone's Been Very Naughty ...
Feature  |  12/20/2019  | 
Cybercriminals expose Santa's naughty list -- names and reasons -- on the Internet. "Ho, ho, ho! God, what a mess!" exclaims a source who requested anonymity.
Real-Time Payment Platforms Offer Fast Cash & Fast Fraud
Feature  |  12/19/2019  | 
Real-time payment services like The Clearing House and Zelle will completely clear transactions in an instant...but account takeover attackers love that speed as much as you do.
5 Pieces of GDPR Advice for Teams Without Privacy Compliance Staff
Feature  |  12/18/2019  | 
Are you an army of one tasked with compliance and data privacy? Try these tips to get you and your organization in alignment with regulators.
How to Manage API Security
Feature  |  12/17/2019  | 
Protecting the places where application services meet is critical for protecting enterprise IT. Here's what security pros need to know about "the invisible glue" that keeps apps talking to each other.
Disarming Disinformation: Why CISOs Must Fight Back Against False Info
Feature  |  12/16/2019  | 
Misinformation and disinformation campaigns are just as detrimental to businesses as they are to national elections. Here's what's at stake in 2020 and what infosec teams can do about them.
'Motivating People Who Want the Struggle': Expert Advice on InfoSec Leadership
Feature  |  12/13/2019  | 
Industry veteran and former Intel security chief Malcolm Harkins pinpoints three essential elements for leaders to connect with their employees and drive business objectives.
Thanks, Larry!
Feature  |  12/12/2019  | 
A no-tech trick, a la social engineering, can lead to huge corporate security consequences -- and it might just score the criminal a new car.
The Next Security Silicon Valley: Coming to a City Near You?
Feature  |  12/11/2019  | 
The high cost of doing business in California's San Francisco Bay Area is just one factor driving infosec companies established and and startups, alike to pursue their fortunes elsewhere. Here's where many are going.
Security 101: What Is a Man-in-the-Middle Attack?
Feature  |  12/10/2019  | 
A breakdown of the common ways criminals employ MitM techniques to snare victims, and tips for protecting users from these dirty tricks.
Criminals Hide Fraud Behind the Green Lock Icon
Feature  |  12/9/2019  | 
Criminals are using free certificate services to apply real security certs to fraudulent sites and to take advantage of victims looking for surfing safety.
New: From the Core to the Edge: 7 Reasons You Need Security at the Edge
Feature  |  12/9/2019  | 
No longer can you secure the perimeter and trust that nothing will get in or out.
Mega Breaches Are Forcing Us to a Passwordless World. Are We Finally Ready?
Feature  |  12/6/2019  | 
Passwordless authentication advocates see 2020 as a potential turning point year for the technology. But can the industry get off the dime?
10 Security 'Chestnuts' We Should Roast Over the Open Fire
Feature  |  12/5/2019  | 
These outdated security rules we all know (and maybe live by) no longer apply.
The Edge Cartoon Contest: You Better Watch Out ...
Feature  |  12/4/2019  | 
Feeling creative this holiday season? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
Poll Results: Security Pros Make The (Hypothetically) Ultimate Data Decision
Feature  |  12/2/2019  | 
What if you could protect only one category of your organization's data?
Sharing Is Caring
Feature  |  12/2/2019  | 
Do you do any cybersecurity-related volunteer work?
New: State of the Internet: Web Attacks and Gaming Abuse
Feature  |  12/2/2019  | 
Attackers see credential abuse as a low-risk venture with potential for a high payout, at least for now.
A Cause You Care About Needs Your Cybersecurity Help
Feature  |  11/27/2019  | 
By donating their security expertise, infosec professionals are supporting nonprofits, advocacy groups, and communities in need.
How to Be a More Thoughtful & Safe Digital Citizen
Feature  |  11/27/2019  | 
Don't be a Billy ... or Jennie ... or Betty.
Gamification Is Adding a Spoonful of Sugar to Security Training
Feature  |  11/26/2019  | 
Gamification is becoming popular as companies look for new ways to keep employees from being their largest vulnerability.
Home Safe: 20 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Remote Workers
Feature  |  11/25/2019  | 
How can you protect your precious corporate endpoints from the mysterious dangers that might await when you're not by their side? Empower home office users with these tips.
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