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In the Market for a MSSP? Ask These Questions First
Feature  |  11/21/2019  | 
Not all managed security service providers are created equal. These questions can reveal whether you are hiring the right people to help secure your business.
What's in a WAF?
Feature  |  11/20/2019  | 
Need a 101 lesson on Web application firewalls? Here's your crib sheet on what a WAF is, how it works, and what to look for when you're in the market for a new solution.
How Medical Device Vendors Hold Healthcare Security for Ransom
Feature  |  11/18/2019  | 
While being pummeled by ransomware attacks, healthcare centers also face growing IoT-related threats. Here's how they manage security amid a complex set of risks.
New: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Security at the Edge But Were Afraid to Ask
Feature  |  11/18/2019  | 
The secure perimeter as we know it is dissolving. So how do you protect your crown jewels when the castle has no walls?
Soft Skills: 6 Nontechnical Traits CISOs Need to Succeed
Feature  |  11/15/2019  | 
Degrees, certifications, and experience are all important to career development, but mastering the people side of the equation may matter a whole lot more, CISOs say.
8 Backup & Recovery Questions to Ask Yourself
Feature  |  11/14/2019  | 
Don't wait until after a disaster, DDoS, or ransomware attack to learn just how good your backups really are.
Well, Hello, Dolly!
Feature  |  11/13/2019  | 
Eight hours is certainly a start.
Account Fraud Harder to Detect as Crime Moves from Bots to Sweatshops
Feature  |  11/11/2019  | 
Cheap labor, frequent data breaches, and better fraud detection technology are fueling frustrating changes in attackers' methods.
New: 2019 State of the Internet / Security: Media Under Assault
Feature  |  11/11/2019  | 
It can't be overstated: Web attacks and credential stuffing are real, long-term threats. This white paper, sponsored by Akamai, focuses on how they are impacting the high-tech, video media, and entertainment sectors.
4 Ways to Soothe a Stressed-Out Incident Response Team
Feature  |  11/8/2019  | 
IR teams are under tremendous pressure, often working long hours and putting their needs aside amid a security crisis. Their care is just as important as policy and procedure.
Find New Talent, Don't Fight Over CISSPs: Insights from (ISC)2 COO
Feature  |  11/7/2019  | 
The skills gap will only be closed by attracting and retaining new talent. So don't limit your talent search to CISSPs, says the COO of the organization that issues the CISSP certification.
What a Security Products Blacklist Means for End Users & Integrators
Feature  |  11/6/2019  | 
A recent US Commerce Department blacklist of several Chinese entities leaves a looming question: What happens if your products are now prohibited?
A Warning About Viruses From Weird Al
Feature  |  11/6/2019  | 
Should you get an e-mail with the subject 'stinky cheese'...
The Edge Cartoon Contest: Need a Lift?
Feature  |  11/5/2019  | 
Feeling creative? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
How HR and IT Can Partner to Improve Cybersecurity
Feature  |  11/4/2019  | 
With their lens into the human side of business, human resources can be an effective partner is the effort to train employees on awareness and keep an organization secure.
New: 2019 State of the Internet / Security: Phishing - Baiting the Hook
Feature  |  11/4/2019  | 
Phishing attacks require two things: a lure and a landing. This Akamai-sponsored report digs deep into how the phishing economy works and ways organizations can protect themselves from the ever-evolving threat.
Cybersecurity's 'Moral Imperative'
Feature  |  10/30/2019  | 
Cybersecurity professionals often talk about the economic drivers of security. But should the conversation shift to include a moral component? At least one analyst says "yes."
10 'Secure' Ways to Start a Conversation
Feature  |  10/30/2019  | 
Should you find yourself at a loss for words ...
The Real Reasons Why the C-Suite Isn't Complying with Security
Feature  |  10/29/2019  | 
Is the C-suite really that bad at following security policy? Or is it a case of mixed messages and misunderstanding?
What Do You Do When You Can't Patch Your IoT Endpoints?
Ask The Experts  |  10/29/2019  | 
The answer, in a word, is segmentation. But the inconvenient truth is that segmentation is hard.
Is Voting by Mobile App a Better Security Option or Just 'A Bad Idea'?
Feature  |  10/28/2019  | 
Security experts say voting by app adds another level of risk, as mobile-voting pilots expand for overseas military and voters with disabilities.
New: The 2019 Security Buyer's Guide
Feature  |  10/28/2019  | 
Whether you're a leader of a large enterprise or a smaller business, part of your ongoing security, risk management, and compliance strategy will be sourcing the most effective solution. This guide, sponsored by Akamai, will help you determine what to look for.
Building a Cybersecurity Culture: What's Love Got to Do With It?
Feature  |  10/25/2019  | 
Turns out, a lot. Get people to fall in love with the security team, and you'll get them to care about security, CISOs say in this second installment of a two-part series.
Messing Around with IRS Scammers
Feature  |  10/24/2019  | 
Next time you just might want to answer the phone.
Developers: The Cause of and Solution to Security's Biggest Problems
Feature  |  10/24/2019  | 
The everything-as-code revolution requires cybersecurity to increasingly enlist the help of developers to solve the industry's most pressing issues.
Poll Results: Smart Enterprises, Dumb Homes
Feature  |  10/24/2019  | 
At work, security pros have their fingers on some pretty cutting-edge technology. But are their homes souped up, too?
What Has Cybersecurity Pros So Stressed -- And Why It's Everyone's Problem
Feature  |  10/23/2019  | 
As cyberattacks intensify and the skills gap broadens, it's hard not to wonder how much more those in the industry can take before throwing in the towel.
Tough Choices
Feature  |  10/21/2019  | 
If you could only protect one category of your organization's data, what would it be?
Surviving Security Alert Fatigue: 7 Tools and Techniques
Feature  |  10/21/2019  | 
Experts discuss why security teams are increasingly overwhelmed with alerts and share tactics for lightening the load.
Turning Vision to Reality: A New Road Map for Security Leadership
Feature  |  10/21/2019  | 
Among the takeaways from a Gartner Symposium/Xpo session: who should be accountable for data security, why security groups should stop thinking of themselves as protectors, and the consequence of locking down 'dumb' users.
Glitching: The Hardware Attack That Can Disrupt Secure Software
Feature  |  10/18/2019  | 
Glitching (or fault-injection) attacks aren't easy (yet). But get ready, because as the IoT grows, these attacks will be a big reason that hardware security should be part of your cybersecurity planning.
How to Build a Rock-Solid Cybersecurity Culture
Feature  |  10/16/2019  | 
In part one of this two-part series, we start with the basics getting everyone to understand what's at stake and then look at lessons from the trenches.
Cybersecurity Advice From Betty White
Feature  |  10/16/2019  | 
Among the beloved entertainer's advice: "Double bag those passwords." Thanks, Betty.
14 Hot Cybersecurity Certifications Right Now
Feature  |  10/15/2019  | 
In an industry where certifications can make or break a job candidacy, which ones have security pros been going after in 2019?
A Murderers' Row of Poisoning Attacks
Feature  |  10/11/2019  | 
Poisoning can be used against network infrastructure and applications. Understanding how DNS cache poisoning, machine learning model poisoning, and other attacks work can help you prepare the proper antidote.
Creative Wi-Fi Passwords
Feature  |  10/11/2019  | 
Let's see a hacker figure out one of these.
Works of Art: Cybersecurity Inspires 6 Winning Ideas
Feature  |  10/10/2019  | 
The Center for Long Term Cybersecurity recently awarded grants to six artists in a contest to come up with ideas for works with security themes and elements. Check 'em out.
Can the Girl Scouts Save the Moon from Cyberattack?
Feature  |  10/8/2019  | 
The Girl Scouts Cyber Challenge event, later this month, pledges to give middle and high-school girls a realistic, and fun, look at cybersecurity careers.
6 Active Directory Security Tips for Your Poor, Neglected AD
Feature  |  10/7/2019  | 
The unappreciated core of your enterprise IT network needs your security team's TLC. Here are a few ways to give Active Directory the security love it needs.
Rethinking Cybersecurity Hiring: Dumping Resumes & Other 'Garbage'
Feature  |  10/4/2019  | 
In a market that favors the job seeker, what are some alternatives to resume-sifting that will identify the talent you need?
Time to Put This 'Toon to Bed
Feature  |  10/4/2019  | 
The winning captions for September's cartoon contest are nothing to yawn about.
Cartoon Contest: Second Wind
Feature  |  10/3/2019  | 
Feeling creative? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
How the City of Angels Is Tackling Cyber Devilry
Feature  |  10/3/2019  | 
A new mobile app makes a cybersecurity threat lab available to more small businesses in Los Angeles.
How Private Are You?
Feature  |  10/2/2019  | 
Think twice before posting about ... grits.
The Inestimable Values of an Attacker's Mindset & Alex Trebek
Feature  |  10/2/2019  | 
Akamai security architect Marc Pardee tells the story of cutting his security teeth as an NSA intern and why all cybersecurity professionals can benefit from learning how to break things.
5 Disruptive Trends Transforming Cybersecurity
Feature  |  10/1/2019  | 
Everything about IT has changed, but our security measures are still built around how we used to design software and systems. Where does security need to catch up with digital transformation and how?
The Etiquette of Respecting Privacy in the Age of IoT
Feature  |  9/28/2019  | 
Is it rude to ask someone to shut off their Alexa? Ask the family who's written the book on etiquette for nearly 100 years the descendants of Emily Post herself.
Why Clouds Keep Leaking Data
Feature  |  9/26/2019  | 
Most devastating cloud data leaks are caused by the same kinds of common cloud security challenges and configuration errors. Here's what you need to know.
The Beginner's Guide to Denial-of-Service Attacks: A Breakdown of Shutdowns
Feature  |  9/25/2019  | 
DoS attacks come in many varieties (not just DDoS). This simple set of descriptions will help you understand how they're different and why each and every one is bad.
Cloud Insight ... and Stuff
Feature  |  9/25/2019  | 
All fluff, all the time.
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