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Gamification Is Adding a Spoonful of Sugar to Security Training

Gamification is becoming popular as companies look for new ways to keep employees from being their largest vulnerability.
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(Image: kitthanes via Adobe Stock)
(Image: kitthanes via Adobe Stock)

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User Rank: Strategist
12/5/2019 | 2:51:55 PM
Gamification is old, misleading, and a joke
Gamification has always been and always will be a WORD. It is based off of Game theory and the fact that people keep using it, shows how much they do not know. Game theroy has been around forever and companies have tried numerous times to add it into their training, but keep failing. I have been part of large, global companies that have tried this approach and have failed. They tie it to regular gaming by offering rewards and contests, but what it does is impact the business in bad ways. Employees would stop working to do these, they would get anxiety, and some would even get obsessed with doing everyone they can find.

What needs to happen is for companies to go away from game theory and have more interactive, real world training. It doesn't need to be game like, but more virtual were your actions can lead to the success or failure of the event. I have done a few training where every thing in the training was clickable and interacting with it brought curiosity and uncertainity. Not once did I feel like I was playing in a game ( I have been a gamer since 1980, so I know), but more of me finding out what my strength and weakness.

Old school training is still the best training companies can do. We all need to know and understand whats what. We are adults and need to be treated as professionals, not kids. Universities and Colleges are changing their teachings to be more interactive, but they still guide you back to the book.

In the end, when it comes to figuring out what action you need to take. Playing a game isnt going to help you, but knowing where to go to get the answer will.
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