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User Rank: Strategist
2/14/2020 | 7:44:56 AM
Re: Accurate Asset Inventory - Just Way Too Easy to Say
Thanks for the reply. I agree that they're missing the point. The interpretation of NIST's asset management recommendation reminds me of Steve Martin's sketch "how to be a millionaire and not pay taxes, first, get a million dollars, second ..." I also agree with your main point regarding of prioritization through the inventory, however, I would also strongly recommend the use of technology rationalization which is the business justification for the asset and a bullet proof acquisition process which is the gatekeeper for how assets enter the organization, and not just through vendor purchases. Thanks again!
User Rank: Author
2/13/2020 | 12:57:15 PM
Re: Accurate Asset Inventory - Just Way Too Easy to Say
Good points. Thank you for reading and commenting.

In regards to frameworks and asset management I'm a bit torn. Most of the infosec standards put asset management right at the top. For instance NIST's cybersecurity framework (CSF) has identify as their first function, with asset management (ID.AM) as the first category within this first function. And then there's CIS's critical security controls (CIS CSC) which lists the inventory of devices as the first control category (CSC 1). While identification is at the top of these lists, by the time this gets interpreted by the implementing organization it does seem to become translated into merely "counting things", as you put it. The final implementation rarely ever seems to match the spirit of the control.

I'll also second your comment about an asset management program having many benefits to different stakeholders. Yet, unfortunately for all, these benefits are so often overlooked.
User Rank: Strategist
2/13/2020 | 10:36:09 AM
Accurate Asset Inventory - Just Way Too Easy to Say
I agree, an accurate inventory is essential to security. As the saying goes, you can't secure what you don't know you have. But IT security and the frameworks such as NIST's sell ITAM way, way too short. There are so many benefits ITAM can bring to IT security but yet the IT security community seems to have relegated it to inventory management – counting things. No wonder it's not sexy. Until IT security, and companies, embrace the full function of an ITAM program and its many benefits to different stakeholders such as finance, compliance, and the business, IT security will continue to control what they think they have and try to control way too much. Inventory isn't static and ITAM is the right solution for managing the company's technology portfolio.

BTW, to prove my point, ITAM isn't even a "keyword" to tag this response.

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