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Schadenfreude Is a Bad Look & Other Observations About Recent Disclosures
James Plouffe, Lead Architect at MobileIronCommentary
The debate about whether Android or iOS is the more inherently secure platform misses the larger issues that both platforms are valuable targets and security today is no guarantee of security tomorrow.
By James Plouffe Lead Architect at MobileIron, 10/16/2019
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USB Drive Security Still Lags
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
While USB drives are frequent pieces of business hardware, a new report says that one-third of US businesses have no policy governing their use.
By Dark Reading Staff , 10/9/2019
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How the Software-Defined Perimeter Is Redefining Access Control
Gilad Steinberg, Founder & CTO at Odo SecurityCommentary
In a world where traditional network boundaries no longer exist, VPNs are showing their age.
By Gilad Steinberg Founder & CTO at Odo Security, 10/9/2019
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FBI Investigates Mobile Voting Intrusion
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
A group tried to access West Virginia's mobile voting app in 2018; now, the FBI is looking into what actually happened.
By Dark Reading Staff , 10/4/2019
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Android 0-Day Seen Exploited in the Wild
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
The local privilege escalation vulnerability affects Pixel, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and other devices.
By Dark Reading Staff , 10/4/2019
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Stalkerware on the Rise Globally
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Stalkware is being installed on more and more victims' devices, and the trend is only accelerating, according to a new report.
By Dark Reading Staff , 10/2/2019
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Apple Patches Multiple Vulnerabilities Across Platforms
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Updates address two separate issues in Apple's desktop and mobile operating systems.
By Dark Reading Staff , 9/27/2019
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7 Ways VPNs Can Turn from Ally to Threat
Curtis Franklin Jr., Senior Editor at Dark Reading
VPNs are critical pieces of the security infrastructure, but they can be vulnerable, hackable, and weaponized against you. Here are seven things to be aware of before you ignore your VPN.
By Curtis Franklin Jr. Senior Editor at Dark Reading, 9/21/2019
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Escaping Email: Unlocking Message Security for SMS, WhatsApp
Curtis Franklin Jr., Senior Editor at Dark Reading
Messaging is growing in importance as dislike for email increases. That means knowing how to protect critical data in the messaging era is a must for IT security.
By Curtis Franklin Jr. Senior Editor at Dark Reading, 9/12/2019
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Instagram Bug Put User Account Details, Phone Numbers at Risk
Kelly Sheridan, Staff Editor, Dark ReadingNews
The vulnerability, now patched, is the latest in a series of bad news for Facebook.
By Kelly Sheridan Staff Editor, Dark Reading, 9/12/2019
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New Privacy Features in iOS 13 Let Users Limit Location Tracking
Jai Vijayan, Contributing WriterNews
Apple will introduce other features that allow more secure use of iPhones in workplace settings as well.
By Jai Vijayan Contributing Writer, 9/10/2019
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5G Standard to Get New Security Specifications
Jai Vijayan, Contributing WriterNews
Researchers had recently demonstrated how attackers could intercept device capability information and use it against 5G mobile subscribers.
By Jai Vijayan Contributing Writer, 9/4/2019
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Android Phone Flaw Allows Attackers to Divert Email
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
Researchers find that a spoofing a service message from the phone carrier is simple and effective on some brands of Android smartphones.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 9/4/2019
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Cartoon Contest: Bedtime Stories
John Klossner, Cartoonist
Feeling creative? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
By John Klossner Cartoonist, 9/4/2019
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@jack Got Hacked: Twitter CEO's Tweets Hijacked
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's Twitter account was, apparently, hijacked for roughly 20 minutes and used for a racist rant.
By Dark Reading Staff , 8/30/2019
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Google Announces New, Expanded Bounty Programs
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
The company is significantly expanding the bug-bounty program for Google Play and starting a program aimed at user data protection.
By Dark Reading Staff , 8/29/2019
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TrickBot Comes to Cellular Carriers
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
A new malicious campaign seeks cell account PINs from victims.
By Dark Reading Staff , 8/28/2019
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Malware Found in Android App with 100M Users
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
CamScanner, a legitimate app used to scan and manage documents, was found executing payloads on Android devices.
By Dark Reading Staff , 8/28/2019
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6 Ways Airlines and Hotels Can Keep Their Networks Secure
Steve Zurier, Contributing Writer
As recent news can attest, travel and hospitality companies are prime targets for cybercriminals. Here are six privacy and security tips that can help lock down privacy and security.
By Steve Zurier Contributing Writer, 8/27/2019
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Apple Releases Emergency Patch for iPhone Jailbreak Flaw
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
iOS version 12.4.1 fixes the "use after free" vulnerability.
By Dark Reading Staff , 8/26/2019
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Data Privacy Protections for the Most Vulnerable -- Children
Dimitri Sirota, Founder & CEO of BigID,  10/17/2019
Sodinokibi Ransomware: Where Attackers' Money Goes
Kelly Sheridan, Staff Editor, Dark Reading,  10/15/2019
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Bug Report
Enterprise Vulnerabilities
From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
PUBLISHED: 2019-10-20
** DISPUTED ** The BIOS configuration design on ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GM501GS laptops with BIOS 313 relies on the main battery instead of using a CMOS battery, which reduces the value of a protection mechanism in which booting from a USB device is prohibited. Attackers who have physical laptop access ...
PUBLISHED: 2019-10-19
The Video_Converter app 0.1.0 for Nextcloud allows denial of service (CPU and memory consumption) via multiple concurrent conversions because many FFmpeg processes may be running at once. (The workload is not queued for serial execution.)
PUBLISHED: 2019-10-19
Information Disclosure is possible on WAGO Series PFC100 and PFC200 devices before FW12 due to improper access control. A remote attacker can check for the existence of paths and file names via crafted HTTP requests.
PUBLISHED: 2019-10-19
templates/pad.html in Etherpad-Lite 1.7.5 has XSS when the browser does not encode the path of the URL, as demonstrated by Internet Explorer.
PUBLISHED: 2019-10-18
In the Linux kernel before 5.3.4, a reference count usage error in the fib6_rule_suppress() function in the fib6 suppression feature of net/ipv6/fib6_rules.c, when handling the FIB_LOOKUP_NOREF flag, can be exploited by a local attacker to corrupt memory, aka CID-ca7a03c41753.