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Physical Security

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Alexa, Disarm the Victim's Home Security System
Kelly Jackson Higgins, Executive Editor at Dark ReadingNews
Researchers who last year hacked popular voice assistants with laser pointers take their work to the next level.
By Kelly Jackson Higgins Executive Editor at Dark Reading, 11/24/2020
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Out With the Old Perimeter, in With the New Perimeters
Charlie Winckless, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Solutions, at PresidioCommentary
A confluence of trends and events has exploded the whole idea of "the perimeter." Now there are many perimeters, and businesses must adjust accordingly.
By Charlie Winckless Senior Director, Cybersecurity Solutions, at Presidio, 11/18/2020
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Global Pandemic Fuels Cyber-Threat Workload for National Cyber Security Centre, Shows Annual Review
IFSEC Global, StaffNews
From securing the Nightingale hospitals to tackling threats to vaccine research and production, a large part of the National Cyber Security Centre's (NCSC) recent work in the UK has been related to the coronavirus pandemic, as Ron Alalouff discovered when reporting on its Annual Review.
By Ron Alalouff, Freelance Journalist , 11/16/2020
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A Call for Change in Physical Security
Fred Burton, Executive Director, Ontic Center for Protective IntelligenceCommentary
We're at an inflection point. The threats we face are dynamic, emerging, and global. Are you ready?
By Fred Burton Executive Director, Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence, 11/16/2020
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DARPA and Academia Jumpstart 5G IoT Security Efforts
Paul Shomo, Cybersecurity AnalystCommentary
With 5G IoT devices projected to hit 49 million units by 2023, researchers launch programs to keep IoT from becoming a blackhole of exfiltration.
By Paul Shomo Cybersecurity Analyst, 11/12/2020
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Overlooked Security Risks of the M&A Rebound
Bill Ruckelshaus, CFO, ExtraHopCommentary
Successful technology integration, post-merger, is tricky in any market, and never more so than with today's remote work environments and distributed IT infrastructure.
By Bill Ruckelshaus CFO, ExtraHop, 11/10/2020
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How COVID-19 Changed the VC Investment Landscape for Cybersecurity Companies
Salvatore Minetti, CEO, Fountech.VenturesCommentary
What trends can startups and investors expect to see going forward?
By Salvatore Minetti CEO, Fountech.Ventures, 11/6/2020
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Cybercrime: Nation-States Go Prime Time
Marc Wilczek, Digital Strategist & COO of Link11Commentary
Critical infrastructure remains a high-value target, but 90% of nation-states also attack other industry sectors.
By Marc Wilczek Digital Strategist & COO of Link11, 11/3/2020
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Public Safety & Cybersecurity Concerns Elevate Need for a Converged Approach
Will Wise, Group Vice President, Security Events, Reed ExhibitionsCommentary
As public and private spaces are opening up, the need for a converged approach to cybersecurity and physical security is essential, as is integration with health measures and tech.
By Will Wise Group Vice President, Security Events, Reed Exhibitions, 10/30/2020
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How to Increase Voter Turnout & Reduce Fraud
Husayn Kassai, Co-Founder and CEO, OnfidoCommentary
Digital identity verification has advanced, both technologically and legislatively. Is it the answer to simpler, safer voting?
By Husayn Kassai Co-Founder and CEO, Onfido, 10/29/2020
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Physical Security Has a Lot of Catching Up to Do
Peter George, Chief Executive Officer at Evolv TechnologyCommentary
The transformation we need: merging the network operations center with the physical security operations center.
By Peter George Chief Executive Officer at Evolv Technology, 10/28/2020
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Implementing Proactive Cyber Controls in OT: Myths vs. Reality
Michael Piccalo, Director, OT/ICS Systems Engineering, Forescout TechnologiesCommentary
Debunking the myths surrounding the implementation of proactive cyber controls in operational technology.
By Michael Piccalo Director, OT/ICS Systems Engineering, Forescout Technologies, 10/22/2020
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IASME Consortium to Kick-start New IoT Assessment Scheme
IFSEC Global, StaffNews
The IASME Consortium has been awarded a DCMS grant, enabling the UK organization to kick-start an Internet of Things (IoT) assessment scheme. IASME is looking for manufacturers interested in getting their IoT device certified cyber secure for free via the new pilot scheme.
By IFSEC Global Staff, 10/21/2020
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Modern Day Insider Threat: Network Bugs That Are Stealing Your Data
David Pearson, Principal Threat ResearcherCommentary
Attacks involving an unmanaged device and no malware expose gaps in cybersecurity that must be addressed.
By David Pearson Principal Threat Researcher, 10/21/2020
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A New Risk Vector: The Enterprise of Things
Greg Clark, CEO, Forescout Technologies Inc.Commentary
Billions of devices -- including security cameras, smart TVs, and manufacturing equipment -- are largely unmanaged and increase an organization's risk.
By Greg Clark CEO, Forescout Technologies Inc., 10/19/2020
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10 Years Since Stuxnet: Is Your Operational Technology Safe?
Mike Dow, Senior Product Manager, IoT Security, at Silicon LabsCommentary
The destructive worm may have debuted a decade ago, but Stuxnet is still making its presence known. Here are steps you can take to stay safer from similar attacks.
By Mike Dow Senior Product Manager, IoT Security, at Silicon Labs, 10/6/2020
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A Guide to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
IFSEC Global, StaffNews
With cybersecurity threats growing exponentially, it has never been more important to put together an efficient cyber-risk management policy, and NIST's framework can help.
By By Julian Hall, Freelance Journalist and Copywriter, Textual Healing , 9/30/2020
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Two Years on from GDPR: Has It Driven Growth in Cybersecurity Insurance?
IFSEC Global, StaffNews
Whilst GDPR has put the spotlight on data privacy and cyber issues, there are other more prominent trends that are driving a greater take-up of cyber insurance, says Ben Maidment, Class Underwriter Cyber, Physical & Technology at Brit Insurance.
By IFSEC Global Staff, 9/10/2020
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Why We Need to Pay Attention to Attacks on the Smart-Built Environment
Sarb Sembhi, CISM, is CTO & CISO at  Virtually InformedNews
Are attacks on IoT physical security devices real or just theoretical? Why professionals need to be aware of the real-life examples in an effort to guard against future attacks on their own businesses.
By Sarb Sembhi CISM, is CTO & CISO at Virtually Informed, 9/9/2020
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New Jersey Man Sentenced to 7+ Years for Cyber Breaking & Entering
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
The man installed keyloggers, stealing credentials and information on emerging technology development.
By Dark Reading Staff , 9/2/2020
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From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
PUBLISHED: 2020-12-04
An issue was discovered in OpenStack Horizon before 15.3.2, 16.x before 16.2.1, 17.x and 18.x before 18.3.3, 18.4.x, and 18.5.x. There is a lack of validation of the "next" parameter, which would allow someone to supply a malicious URL in Horizon that can cause an automatic redirect to the...
PUBLISHED: 2020-12-04
Out-of-bounds read issue in GT21 model of GOT2000 series (GT2107-WTBD all versions, GT2107-WTSD all versions, GT2104-RTBD all versions, GT2104-PMBD all versions, and GT2103-PMBD all versions), GS21 model of GOT series (GS2110-WTBD all versions and GS2107-WTBD all versions), and Tension Controller LE...
PUBLISHED: 2020-12-04
The iconv function in the GNU C Library (aka glibc or libc6) 2.30 to 2.32, when converting UCS4 text containing an irreversible character, fails an assertion in the code path and aborts the program, potentially resulting in a denial of service.
PUBLISHED: 2020-12-04
hw/net/e1000e_core.c in QEMU 5.0.0 has an infinite loop via an RX descriptor with a NULL buffer address.
PUBLISHED: 2020-12-04
An issue was discovered in SonicBOOM riscv-boom 3.0.0. For LR, it does not avoid acquiring a reservation in the case where a load translates successfully but still generates an exception.